Vinland Saga fic update

So I am currently writing the Vinland Saga fanfic that I talked about. It’s going to be an Askeladd/Thorfinn fic, a rape fic, yeah…it’ll be intense. It should be up in the next few days or so.

New Alien Abduction Story Up!

Alien’s Pet is the last ebook I’ll be writing as part of my Halloween October Sale (99cents till the end of the month).

Synopsis: Luke, a human male, is abducted by aliens and forced to be a pet and breeding slave to the gay alien that bought him.

Kinks: aliens, rape, alien abduction, mpreg, male pregnancy, egg-laying, birth, probing, oviposition, pregnant, forced impregnation, sexual slavery, alien/human, drugs, aphrodisiac, human pet, anal, oral, body modification, and much more.

It’s the second longest story I’ve ever written and jam-packed with sci-fi kinks.

It’s currently being sold on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. I’m still waiting on Amazon.

The month is almost over so don’t wait until the sale ends and the prices go up on these cheap ebooks.

A Contest…I guess?

So I need another idea for a Halloween themed story. Leave me comments on this post or email me if you have any good ideas for what I should write next for the Halloween October Sale. If I choose your idea, or if it has any influence on a story I write this month you get a prize. The prize will be the story I end up writing. You’ll get it absolutely FREE…so please give me ideas. My brain is tired.

My newest ebook is up!

My next ebook as part of the Halloween October Sale is called: Skinny Sissy’s Halloween Treats. It’s basically about an anorexic porn star named Nathaniel who is force fed and forced to gain weight, ruining his career. Kinks include: gay, femboy, Force feeding, feedee, gainer, weight gain, anorexia, belly stuffing, prostitution, porn star, manipulation, control, oral, anal, and much more.

You can read the sample below ↓ and if you buy the book please leave a review. Reviews help me so much.

You can also get the book on Smashwords, Amazon, and it should be on Barnes & Noble soon.