A Contest…I guess?

So I need another idea for a Halloween themed story. Leave me comments on this post or email me if you have any good ideas for what I should write next for the Halloween October Sale. If I choose your idea, or if it has any influence on a story I write this month you get a prize. The prize will be the story I end up writing. You’ll get it absolutely FREE…so please give me ideas. My brain is tired.

One thought on “A Contest…I guess?

  1. Mine is more in the vein of your earlier work. Voldemort decides to use infant Harry in a ritual to get demons on his side. They accept, but instead of taking the offering and devouring it as expected, they awaken the hidden potential in his bloodline to be a succubus. He will grow up to be Voldemorts general, seducing the enemy to see things the dark way.


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